The FEGIME Polska group was set up under the name Polskie Hurtownie Elektryczne (PHE) in April 2003 as a reaction to market concentration visible in the sector of electrical wholesaling. Joining the experience and potential of our member companies allows better use of our resources, which builds the strength of the group. In 2004 the group joined the European association of electrical wholesalers: FEGIME GmbH and from 2007 the official name of the Polish group is FEGIME Polska in accordance with the European corporate image of all FEGIME countries. FEGIME Polska is still a company with Polish capital being also the owner of the PHE logo and brand name.

Since 2006 FEGIME Polska has participated in the association of Polish independent wholesalers (FEP). We are also a shareholder of ETIM Polska – an organization responsible for creating classification of electrical products for the whole market.



The Fegime Group acts as a European business generator. It is our belief that the union of our members makes each of them grow stronger and gain power.

In a global economy, successful businesses have to act globally whilst preserving their uniqueness. That is why at FEGIME we respect the multicultural nature of our business.

The FEGIME Group believes in the dynamics of a two-way relationship. It is our ENERGY and POWER that is our greatest strength.


Family values, closeness (human & geographical), know-how, international network and solidity are the key factors of our success

We offer a different approach on the market based on the proximity and trust, combining the force of the group with the flexibility, agility and enviable service of each wholesaler.

We are united by our common values and beliefs


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